Aircraft Management

The Complete Package

Horizon Aircraft Sales, Inc. and sister company Horizon Aviation Services, Inc. together offer a complete package of aircraft management services. Whether a corporation that requires care and management of a fleet jet, or an individual owner/operator – we have management solutions.

Priority number one is to manage every aircraft to the highest safety standards. We provide aircraft charter options to help defray your costs while maximizing the benefits of ownership. In addition, we can customize management packages to meet the specific needs of each client, and we are able to offer aircraft owners significant savings on fuel, maintenance and other services.

Manage Every Aircraft

Our customer service desk will ensure details regarding flight planning, catering, hotel reservations, ground transportation arrangements and ground handling of the aircraft. What’s more, we ensure that you receive impartial advice, competitive pricing, attention to detail and the highest standards of support. We are dedicated to maximizing the benefits of ownership, leasing or charter while maintaining safety always.
  • Aircraft Management & Charter Options
  • Aircraft Refueling Services
  • Flight Crew Services
  • Flight Planning & Scheduling
  • Full Service Maintenance

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact John Beaulieu at 757.647.6093 or send and email to [email protected].